Benefit from our Cloud Based PBX

No hardware cost | No maintenance cost

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    Host your 1300/ 1800 number on our system

    If you have your own 1300 or 1800 number/s, you can transfer them to us.

    Scale up call volume handling with more phone lines

    With our cloud based PBX system, we can quickly add more lines.

    Send voice-mails to email and fax to email

    Any messages left to voice-mail boxes setup on our system can easily and automatically be sent via email. This includes receiving faxes sent to email.

    Advanced call-flow control by use extension groups

    This allows you to control which person or department receives calls based on caller input.

    Play music or a recording with on hold messages

    When someone calls your business, why not educate and or update while they're on hold waiting for their call to be answered. Or simply play music of your choice.

    Automatic call answering and routing

    You can automate how each inbound call is answered by either answering it directly and routing it to a person/ department.

    Customised option menus for an automated attendant

    We can setup your own automated option menu, customised the way you need it for your business.

    Have calls automatically transferred elsewhere, like to your mobile phone

    You have the ability to directly and automatically transfer calls to any other phone in any location.

    Call Recording on both Inbound and Outbound calls

    For quality control, you can easily record both inbound and outbound calls.